Dropped calls

This forum includes tips for maintaining the best audio quality possible with the Ooma System. If your Ooma system is having issues with dropped calls, static audio or echo, look here for assistance.
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Dropped calls

Post by rarcher » Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:05 am

I have been successfully using an Ooma Hub since August 2009. Until a few months ago the service was good except for an occasional dropped call. In the last few weeks, however, the frequency of dropped calls has been increasing to an unacceptable level. My Hub is connected directly to the modem (not through the router). I ran the VoIP speed test which returned favorable results:
VoIP test statistics
Jitter: you --> server: 0.2 ms
Jitter: server --> you: 1.5 ms
Packet loss: you --> server: 0.0 %
Packet loss: server --> you: 0.0 %
Packet discards: 0.0 %
Packets out of order: 0.0 %
Estimated MOS score: 4.1

Speed test statistics
Download speed: 4881968 bps
Upload speed: 973288 bps
Download quality of service: 99 %
Upload quality of service: 98 %
Download test type: socket
Upload test type: socket
Maximum TCP delay: 15 ms
Average download pause: 3 ms
Minimum round trip time to server: 68 ms
Average round trip time to server: 70 ms
Estimated download bandwidth: 35200000bps
Route concurrency: 7.210207
Download TCP forced idle: 80 %
Maximum route speed: 7710000bps

I tried the hints from the forum (power cycling the Hub & modem) with no improvement.

I am also having the problem of calls going to voicemail after one ring, but I see that a fix is forthcoming in mid December, so I'll wait.

Also, I notice that the current updates deal with the Telo. I hope this doesn't mean that the Hub is no longer supported.
Any help on the dropped calls is appreciated.

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Re: Dropped calls

Post by thunderbird » Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:22 am

Sounds like another QoS (Quality of Service) Issue.

Someone else has posted the link Below. Maybe you can acquire enough information from this web page to reset your download, upload QoS settings. Good Luck!


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Re: Dropped calls

Post by rarcher » Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:13 pm

Thanks for the reply Thunderbird, but I don't think the link to the QoS issue applies. 1: it deals with a Telo (I have a Hub), 2: it deals with port forwarding (I am connected to the modem before my router), 3: the link to the setup page does not work.
Again, thanks, but please don't give up on me.

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Re: Dropped calls

Post by highq » Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:19 pm

You are inviting unwelcome calls, which may be a good way to test your Ooma installation, but I daresay you'd be better off to NOT use your telephone number as your login name on a public forum. Contact customer service and change it. ;)

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Re: Dropped calls

Post by rarcher » Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:17 pm

Well, according to a nice fellow in tech support, QoS might be the problem. He had me run speedtest.net for up and down speeds (mine were 4.89 MB/s dn; 0.98 MB/s up). Then run pingtest.net 3 times for packet loss and jitter numbers. Mine were 0%, 0%, 0% packet loss and 8ms, 7ms, 10ms jitter. He said jitter should be 0-5 ms constant and I should have my ISP adjust the jitter number. I don't have much hope in getting that done. Anyway we set the upstream ISP speed to 768 kb/s, and the downstream to 751 kb/s (the math is: 4.89 MB/s x 1024 x 15% for the down, and 0.98 MB/s x 1024 x 85% up (but in no case more than 768 kb/s for either). I will monitor the result of the new settings and post the results.

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