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#68908 by jmck407
Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:21 am

I have been using an ooma telo for about a month and a half and have decided to keep it as my primary phone service. Had no preference on the number, no interest in porting the existing At&t number, and canceled my service with them about three weeks ago. To get dial tone in all the home outlets, I disconnected the only wire pair connected at the outside box (believe it was blue/blue-white), and hooked the telo into a wall outlet using the phone port at the back of the telo.

At the house I have been using a verizon rev-a evdo modem as the internet source for ooma, and the results have not been very reliable, as expected given the inconsistent voip tests ran on the connection before connecting the ooma device. Results at my work connection have been consistently outstanding, am hoping to have similar results at home once I get a more reliable internet connection. Am going to use At&t dsl service, and wanted to clear up how I can use DSL (without At&t phone service), with ooma and my home wiring to get dial tone in all the phone jacks. My house was constructed 5 years ago, so it is using the 8 wire type wiring to all the phone jacks, and the room jacks have blue/blue-white and orange/orange-white wire pairs connected to the four screws, and brown/brown-white, green/green-white pairs disconnected.

DSL is needed in only one phone jack of the home, was hoping I could modify the jack where the dsl router and telo share so one of the phone line pairs would have the incoming dsl signal connected to either the router or telo, and the other pair would be connected to the phone port on the telo to provide dial tone to the rest of the phone jacks over their existing pair...without having to rewire all the non dsl phone jacks. Have been searching the forum, and found a lot of topics on dsl connections, but can't seem to find the thread explaining what I would like to do...lots of threads in my searches, but not the one that talks a complete noobie through it..something like reconnect pair X at the outside box, and do these steps with the phone jack shared by the telo and DSL router connections. A response with the steps needed, or a link to threads with them would be appreciated.


#68912 by southsound
Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:56 am
Hi, John.

This one is pretty simple because of your home wiring. When you have ATT connect up your DSL, ask them to use the 2nd line - the orange white pair. Then, at the location where you want to use your DSL modem and your ooma, install a plate with two jacks. You can get them at Home Depot or Lowes and lots of other places. Some will sell the plate separately from the jacks. Connect the blue/white pair to the red/green or blue/white connections on the jack. Then, connect the orange/white pair to the red/green or blue/white connections on the other jack. The jack fed by the orange/white pair will be for your DSL modem and the one fed by the blue/white pair will connect to the PHONE port of the Telo. If you also want a cordless base or wired phone at that location, use a single line splitter either at the jack on the wall or the PHONE jack on the Telo.

If your home is wired with a separate cable to each outlet, then connect up the DSL modem only to the orange/white pair that goes to that jack. If the home is wired "daisy chain" fashion, don't worry about it.

Another good tip: place a note in your Network Interface Box that says, "Do not reconnect blue/white pair or damage could occur to customer premise equipment."
#68914 by jmck407
Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:32 am
Thanks for the quick reply Southsound. Will be purchasing the dual jack today, and schedule the dsl activation. Nice tip on the note, never know when a tech may want to test something and use the ooma pr.

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