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#68365 by WA2FAST
Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:03 pm
I have taken the jump and am tired of the ridiculously high phone bill that Comshaft hits me with every month, so I'm in with Ooma. I have a couple of setup questions however. Currently, I have an all-in-one type of cable modem from Comcast. It is their VoIP phone/cable modem combo (with battery backup). I am afraid that the Ooma Telo adapter isn't going to get the proper traffic that it needs to be configured and updated/setup initially due to my current setup. I tried to just plug it in last night for about an hour without activating it and I ended up with the 1 and 2 lit up blue and the logo flashing red fast after it went through itself for about a half hour or so. So now what? Does that mean that it just wasn't activated, or does that mean that it's not getting the proper traffic over the ports that it's looking for. I can't control what Comshaft does with their VoIP phone service that is built into my cable modem from them, so should I take the Telo adapter somewhere else to get updated and activated, or was what I was seeing to be expected? I just hope that their stupid all-in-one modem/VoIP adapter (it's NOT a router, I have one separately) is using the mentioned ports required for this service to work, for itself. I don't think a DMZ will help in this case (assuming that I can even get into the cable modem, which I highly doubt that I can)... that's why I'm kind of stumped. I am porting my existing phone number over to the Ooma, however I chose to have a temporary number setup for me first in case I couldn't get this working before ditching their all-in-one for another cable modem that I have (and will eventually use once I have verified that Ooma works and the number has been ported).

Any advise here? Thanks all in advance.
#68369 by murphy
Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:42 pm
Whenever you change what is connected to a cable modem the cable modem must be power cycled.
In your case your cable modem has a backup battery so you can't turn it off. Disconnect whatever is currently connected to the cable modem's LAN port. Look on the back of the cable modem for a reset switch (hole) and reset it. Then connect Ooma to the cable modem.
#68389 by WA2FAST
Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:49 pm
I guess I should have stated that I did that first thing. I pulled the power for a good 20 minutes then pressed the reset button on the modem because that is the only thing you can do to clear the remembered mac address in my case.
#68403 by tommies
Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:17 pm
My Comcast modem is also support voip (2 lines) with battery backup (2 slots, one installed). The brand name is Thomson, but when I google it up, it's made by RCA. My service is Internet only (+ one basic tv) and my Telo works fine with it.

To power it off, I have to remove the battery and the power cord.

One possibility, you made a typo on your Telo's MAC during registration. If this is the case, your only option is to call CS to short it out. (typical mistake 8 vs. B and 0 vs. D)

Two, as Murphy had said, the modem is blocking traffic when it sees a different MAC.

Even if you plan to setup with option A (modem > Telo > router > pc's), I recommend that you take the option B (modem > router > [Telo + pc's] during the initial setup. After the Telo up and running, you can easily switch it back to option A.

Read this link for some helpful tips for a new telo setup:
#68738 by WA2FAST
Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:09 am
I didn't realize that you needed to activate the Telo before it would pass network traffic through, that was I guess, my problem. Once I activated it online and plugged it in (even on the other side of the router, so as if it's a networked device on my LAN), it did it's thing and lit up all blue in no time at all. I currently have it setup with a temporary phone number until my Comshaft phone number port goes through. I think it's pretty funny that it works right now with the setup that I have, I would never expect it to work. This is how it is setup.
Comshaft VoIP cable modem (with VoIP service currently activated and running through it)
Linksys wireless router
Ooma Telo

Now that it is working, I will play with it and get it between the router and cable modem so that it is setup "correctly" and passing network traffic through.

Thank you guys for your help, didn't realize that it was a brick until you activated it... I figured it would at least pass through network traffic.

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