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#65519 by jnicita
Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:36 pm
I used to have a dedicated cox small business connection that gave me 3 ips out my modem (modem has hub on it). 1 went directly to the ooma device which was configured statically. Obviously the other 2 went to 2 different networks in my office. I had to recently move and my new location has a single hand-off from the modem. I do WAY more than the little port forwarding on the ooma will allow me too, so I had to move the ooma device behind my dd-wrt router.

I reset the ooma device, and then connected to it from the home port, and configured it for dhcp and set the router to reserve that ip for it. I can make calls just fine now, but anyone calling me, it goes directly to my voice mail. Checking my ooma, it just shows it as a missed call. I have the ooma configured to call me on a network outage, so when I unplug the ooma, that works, so "ooma" sees my ooma hub, otherwise it would just dial the cell attached to my down network configuration. Anyways, I have the ability to port forward, and I have followed the forward instructions I located:

udp/tcp 53
udp 123, 514,1194,3386, 3480, 10,000-20,000
udp 443

didn't make a difference at all. While connected to the home port, the status shows:

MODEM: Connected : []
HOME: Connected : []
Ooma Tunnel: Connected
Telephony: 120 - Running
DNS: 201 - Running
Web Server: 116 - Running
VPN: 1216 - Running
Free: 37476

anyways, I cant find any help that seems to make a difference, I have also DMZ'd the ooma device.
#65529 by murphy
Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:23 am
What color is the envelope key?
If it's red, push and hold until it isn't red.
#65567 by jnicita
Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:40 pm
Thanks, its been awhile since I looked at the hub, its in the corner under the desk. Dont know how it could have changed, Maybe the wife assumed that no answering machine would be on if the envelope wasnt lit.

that did it, thanks


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