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#65356 by foomench
Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:45 pm
My Ooma is working, and all machines can see the internet, but internally machines on different sides of the Telo can't see each other. I suspect the Ooma, but am wondering what the best solution is.

My network typology is:

DSL line --- Actiontec GT-701-WG DSL Modem/Wireless Router --- Ooma --- 8x Switch --- server, workstations, printers, another switch, etc.

Without the Ooma, wireless computers could see my server, print, and do all that they want. Now a wireless computer can't get to the server, and machines on the wired network can't see the wireless ones. Because the wireless is built into the DSL modem, I couldn't put the Ooma in front of that; but I figured putting it before the switch would at least give it more bandwidth than behind where it would have to share with everybody else. It also saves a port, good since the 8x is maxed out.

Do I need to go into the Ooma and turn on port forwarding? Is there an easy way to do this for all possible ports? If so, how?

Or would I be better off just putting the Ooma behind the switch and trying to configure the Actiontec QOS for the Ooma?
#65365 by southsound
Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:55 pm
I have the exact same DSL modem/wireless router - and I also outgrew my 8 port switch and had to replace it with a 16 port. I run my Telo after the switch and it works well. Note that you will not be able to control QoS of the Telo (or hub) from within so you will need to do that from the Actiontec - however I didn't need to do that and I'm not sure how capable the QoS settings are on the GT-701-WG. I only have 1.5mbps down and 768kbps up but it provides me with stellar phone service. We don't do a lot of heavy downloads, but even when using Pandora or downloading updates to programs I have not had an issue. If you need to replace the switch, I picked up a Netgear FS116 at Newegg for $45 after rebate card.
#65367 by foomench
Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:13 pm
Thanks for the info. Well, I might have to move the Ooma behind the switch then, and consider getting another switch. However, my switches now are gigabit, and that Newegg one is just 10/100. If anyone else can comment on the QoS settings, here are two screen captures I found that look like what I have for the Actiontec--click for bigger versions.
#65445 by foomench
Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:02 pm
1) So does anyone know how to configure the QoS settings on the modem for Ooma.
2) Or does anyone know how to configure the port forwarding on the Ooma?
My call quality seems to have issues, so I think I need to find an answer for #1.

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