Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know.
#64954 by GHitch
Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:22 pm
I would appreciate some help with my installation. Here's my current setup (without Ooma):

I have AT&T DSL coming into a Westell modem. An ethernet line is then running from the Westell to a Cisco Linksys wireless router (to the yellow "Internet" port). The Linksys is then connected to my computer via an ethernet port. The AT&T service tech had to bridge my router in order to get the internet to work properly.

I followed the 2A directions, and got the blinking red Ooma death symbol. I've since tried every possible combination, with no luck. After each combo, I unplugged all three units and restarted them. Any ideas?
#64967 by Hollywood
Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:43 pm
unplug the power wire from the Ooma
plug the Ooma INTERNET ethernet cord into your modem.
leave your router and computer unplugged at this time to see if the Ooma will work with your modem/DSL.

now re-power/reboot your modem, and when it is up with the proper lights, power up your ooma.

If all goes well, you will get the blue flower on your Telo if you activated it properly. Did you activate your Ooma on the Ooma website? :)

If you did get up and running, you can plug your router into the Ooma (also reboot the router), start it, the add your computer to the router (restart it too).

Basically I am suggesting you just try the modem and Ooma to get past it working.

Let us know.
#65018 by GHitch
Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:18 pm
Hollywood - thanks for the help. I followed your instructions and still get the flashing red Ooma death symbol.

I'm pretty sure everything has been activated through the website. I log in and it shows my account details.
#65020 by Hollywood
Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:15 pm
sounds bad. try another ethernet cable, and also see if your PC gets internet off that same connection (replace your Ooma with the PC to test). If the PC gets internet, but the Ooma on the same connection does not work, I am out of ideas.

There are users here that have more advanced ideas, but is *seems* we eliminated the basic stuff. I hope someone else can help you. Good luck!

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