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#64445 by lindarw
Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:54 pm
I am trying to hookup my new wireless printer/fax machine. I did look up the fax hookup at Ooma help but that requires hooking the printer to the ooma using a usb port. The only problem is the printer will be in a different room and it also does not make sense that I should take a wireless printer and have to hook it physically to Ooma hub to get it to work.

My setup: highspeed cable hookup => cable modem => ooma telo => wireless router => desktop computer.

How do I get the fax to go to the ooma telo phone or vice versa? Seems almost like the fax signal from the wireless fax machine must go to the router and then the telo phone...should I switch the order of the router and ooma telo hub?

Any other settings that should be set? I see in the help section of this site that you should set the preferences, teleohone numbers, and then fax on but there is no fax option when I get there?

Should the number of rings for the voice mail be more or less than the fax number of rings?

Any help on any of these questions is greatly appreciated. Linda
#64487 by lindarw
Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:15 am
After conferring with the wireless/fax people...they did indicate that the wireless component does not send faxes...therefore you do need a hardwire hookup to the telephone port of the OOMA....just incase anyone else is interested...problem solved except now i have to reorganize everything!

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