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Re: murphy

Post by murphy » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:44 am

southsound wrote:I just want to thank murphy and a slew of others for their great help to users on this forum. I know that there are many who deserve recognition, and I appreciate every one of you who is there for the new customer or the person having an unusual problem. This recognition is not to say that anyone else isn't important - There are about 30 of us who probably spend way more time here than sanity could justify. But today it's all about murphy in my mind - he is always there with an answer and great advice. And I just noticed that he's at almost 3000 posts. I wonder if he'll still talk to us mortals when he passes the golden threshold. :shock:

Now for the rest of you awesome partners on the forum, I love you too. Time for a group hug.

Thanks for the kind words southsound. This should be my 3000th post. On to 4000. :D
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