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#59588 by natedlee
Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:55 am
So this is strange. My Ooma has been working great via Apple Airport Express connected via Apple Extreme wireless. I was thinking I could share my iMac network connection and just plug Ooma into the iMac. When I did this my wireless network stopped working. Wired network continued to work, wireless stopped.

So, after unplugging Ooma and restarting the Extreme wireless works again.

Now, if I plug Ooma back into the Express it kills the wireless again. I have reset, power cycled, refreshed, and done everything else to the Apple routers, but I cannot get Ooma to work again.

I am guess this messed up DNS distribution or whatever, but how can I get this entire system reset so I can use Ooma again? Also, shouldn't I be able to use Ooma via my iMac connection?

HELP! -- Thanks!

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