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#59058 by jhardt13
Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:33 pm
I just purchased and setup the Ooma today and setup was pretty straightforward (I have the ooma between my modem and wireless router). I can receive calls just fine and have conversation. I haven't been able to make any outbound calls. When I dial a number it never rings, I just get a dial tone (I do hear the ooma dialtone).

Searching through the forum topics there has been discussions of firewall setup and port setup but it was not clear to me where to start. How would I know what the firewall settings on my modem or router is? I have checked my system status on the Ooma Setup page and it states the following:

MODEM: Connected
HOME: Connected
Ooma Tunnel: Connected
Telephony: 534 - Running
DNS: 526 - Running
Web Server: 529 - Running
VPN: 737 - Running
Free: 200084
#59067 by murphy
Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:02 am
Are you using a touchtone phone? Pulse dialing phones are not supported.
Are you dialing 10 digits? If so, did you enable 10 digit dialing?
#60442 by alex7718
Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:57 pm
I hooked everything up and could receive calls also, but could not make outbound calls, but I was just dialing nine digits because that is what I do with vonage. Once I added a one in front everything worked fine. I know this sounds really dumb, but tech support was not help whatsoever with this. I would think it would be something they asked first. Hope this helps someone else.

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