Ooma and Coax Networking / MoCA?

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Big Boy Laroux
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Ooma and Coax Networking / MoCA?

Post by Big Boy Laroux » Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:22 am

Hi All,

I currently have an Ooma Hub which is working great on Comcast. But I am considering implementing some MoCA Adapters in order to speed up transfers between the multiple TiVo boxes in my house.

I'm posting here because I will need to put a MoCA Adapter with my router, and it actually needs to be placed between the coax jack and the modem (with passthrough to the modem), and connected via ethernet to the router. Since Ooma recommends that it be placed between the modem and the router (so Ooma can control QoS), i'm worried that having the MoCA adapter in front of Ooma may hurt call quality.

But the other part of my brain is thinking that since the MoCA Adapter will be connected to my router via ethernet (which is behind Ooma), that the Ooma QoS will still be in effect.

So really, I'm wondering if anyone else has used MoCA adapters in their Ooma setup, and has it affected quality at all?

Hope this makes sense.


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