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#57282 by YIHill
Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:14 pm
The network is designed as follows: Internet -> Modem -> SonicWall -> DMZ port to Ooma and SonicWall -> LAN port to network switch. The DMZ port is configured to dynamically assign ip addresses and an IP is reserved for the Ooma hub based on the devices MAC address (172.27.35.x). all UDP and TCP ports are being forwarded from WAN to the DMZ and those same ports are open from DMZ into the WAN (this was done because the technician suggested it). The only port I have a problem with is tcp and udp port 53 (ie. used for DNS).
The Ooma hub still has the the clear tab blinking red and the technicians at Ooma seem to feel that the device is not communicating, but I see the traffic statistics via the SonicWall as traffic being passed back and forth.

The technicians feel the hub should go in front of the SonicWall but then the device will take the public ip and that would not work.

Please assist.
#57305 by bw1
Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:56 pm
Try connecting it directly to the modem, Internet -> modem -> Hub to see if you can get a blue light on the tab. You can then try experimenting with your connection how you want it, but first you want to eliminate any other issues and see if you can get the Hub connected to Ooma's servers and try making calls.

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