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#57272 by PasadenaTelo
Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:58 pm
Got Bluetooth adapter today. Plugged in to back of Telo and paired fine with my Blackberry Curve 8320. Ooma phone service seems to continue to work fine and rings on my cell can be answered on Telo as expected.

One problem however is that all of the lights on my Telo are out. Tried power cycling and it seems to go through boot sequence normally, but after the ooma logo flashes red all the lights go out again. If I press any button on keyboard the OOMA logo turns pink, but button functions don't work. Tried to do a factory reset, but ooma logo never alternates blue/red after pressing trash and stop, just continues to accelerate red flash and then all lights go out.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
#57273 by southsound
Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:25 pm
The little star button on the Telo - that would be the middle one on top - is the brightness control. You probably bumped it when you installed the BT adapter. Press it until the lights come up to the brightness you like. After it reaches maximum, the next press makes it go dark. :cool:
#59303 by eagle2
Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:02 am
SouthSound: You saved my life tonight!

I am a brand-new ooma user. I just bought this telo yesterday and had my share of problems getting it set up as it is one of the older units that only required a $12 a year fee. However they evidently have removed from the database the activation code for these older units and I had to go through tech support in the Philippines. But I was patient with them and they were patient with me and we got it registered.

Now to my thank you. I have done all kinds of manipulating today trying to get the right telephone to do the job and I have really moved a lot of wires around and shuffled things on my desk. The power adapter is not the best as it comes out easily. I had this happen several times to day and when my unit seemed to cease functioning, although I tried mightily with everything I could think of, I was about to give up. Because I had the dreaded "logo flashing red" syndrome and then everything would die. I tried everything, I mean everything, I thought possibly my DSL ISP folks had dropped off the line or something else. This was extremely perplexing as earlier today it had worked beautifully, the sound quality of the folks that I telephone, all around the country, was quite amazing. It was hard to believe I was not on a regular landline!

Finally in desperation I took the unit out of the system and came to the excellent ooma forums. This is where I found your simple idea to check to see if I had inadvertently turned off the lights. sure enough that was the problem. Oh, oh, what relief! And how foolish I felt. Another case of not reading the manual, which of course you have to download and print out, which I was not inclined to do.

So anyway, thank you very much for your extremely helpful suggestion.

Sincerely yours,

eagle2 AKA Don

PS: Now of course I'm thinking, was it really something else? Could it really have been this simple? Or has this box actually got a gremlin in it? Time will tell! Again thank you for your assistance.
#59308 by southsound
Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:17 am
Welcome to ooma and to the forum. I'm glad that my suggestion helped. It is often the simple stuff that makes us feel silly but fills us with relief when we finally grasp success. Let me make you chuckle with a story from my past:

southsound wrote:I was the Service Operations Manager for a major PC chain at one time. But when I bought a new USB scanner I was bummed because it would not fire up. I checked the startup guide. I loaded the proper software, twice. Made sure my USB cable was OK and securely plugged in. Verified power to the power strip. I even read parts of the thick manual. And nothing. When I called tech support, they asked me, did anything happen when you turned it on? I replied, "there's no power switch". They suggested I look at the back near the corner. I told the technician I'd call back when I felt less embarrased. :P

By the way, even though your Telo was manufactured earlier than some of the ones sold today it is probably the same hardware generation as I use every day to power our home. ooma "pushes" firmware updates on a regular basis so your unit will continue to have the latest production firmware after these "silent" updates. Enjoy your savings and visit us often! :cool:
#59322 by eagle2
Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:39 am
SouthSound: I appreciate your response, it is always comforting to know you're not alone in your mistake making!

Yes I believe you're right about the pushing of updates to the ooma device. Mine shows revision 1.37410.

I just wonder what the tech people in the Philippines had to do to get my older telo to activate. Hopefully I will retain the less expensive fees that the box that my ooma came in proclaims that I am entitled to. Something less than $12 a year sounds more appealing to me than something on the order of $40 per year. And that's giving me the first year for free. Living on Social Security in these times is most limiting. Thus my interest in the ooma.

The wife and I canceled our landline about two years ago when we realized that we could have two cell phones, not just her cell phone, for about the same money as the one cell phone and the landline was costing us.But recently, due to a medical condition, I had some problems understanding doctors on some critical issues over my AT&T GSM cell phone. The area that we live in is populated enough that the new smart phones, and I believe particularly the new Apple iPhone generation 4 phones are clogging up the GSM network. The calls come in all garbled. So I decided to drop my AT&T part of the family plan and acquire a jitterbug cell phone. Since jitterbug uses the Verizon network with their CDMA infrastructure my calls are much more clear on a more consistent basis. And while this is not a big plug for jitterbug they do have a very excellent customer service dept. that I have come to really appreciate.

It is really quite a pleasure to get back on what is essentially, as far as I am concerned, a landline. The quality, at least so far, has been excellent. I had forgotten what a really clear telephone call felt like.

So far, by receiving your excellent tip, I am really enjoying this new experience, and for a pittance of the cost of adding additional minutes to my cell phone in effort to not go over and pay some kind of ridiculous rate of $.35 a minute.

So once again, thank you very much. This looks to be an excellent forum with a lot of honest opinions expressed. Much appreciated.


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