Kad Network firewalled when using emule

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Kad Network firewalled when using emule

Post by newbie1 » Sun May 09, 2010 12:14 am

When I am using emule, it says
Kad Network
Status: Firewalled
UDP Status: Firewalled

My download speed is really slow. I am not using a router. I connect my cable modem directly to the ooma huba and then directly to my computer. My ISP is Comcast. I have the 6 mbps plan. Before I used ooma, the kad network status and udp status is open and the download speed is fast. Do you guys know how I can resolve this issue? Thanks.

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Re: Kad Network firewalled when using emule

Post by sfhub » Sun May 09, 2010 6:49 am

I don't know if it is a good idea, but assuming you know what you are doing and considering you weren't using a router before you had ooma, if you want to have a similar setup as before, enter your PCs IP address as the DMZ inside of the Ooma setup page. If your PC is set up to use DHCP, configure it for static or it might pick up a new IP address in the future, making the the DMZ rule invalid.

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Re: Kad Network firewalled when using emule

Post by 9376303212 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:50 am

I have a solution... not sure if it's best, but it works with my eMule lowid issue. I'm no expert, just know enough to be dangerous. I've had no problems, but move forward at your own risk.

1. Get the pc ip address:
To do this, run ipconfig from the command line.
Your pc ip address is the "IPv4 Address" (at least on my machine)

2. Ooma hub interface:
In your browser (FYI, Chrome didn't work with my version, but IE and Firefox do) type in setup.ooma.com.
The Ooma Hub interface should appear.
Click on the Advanced link on the left navigation and, at the bottom, add one of the following set of port rules.

3.1 (untested) Port Forwarding for specific ports (if you prefer not to open all ports, detailed at bottom):
port # = <eMule TCP port #>, type="TCP", Forward to IP address= <pc ip address>
port # = <eMule UDP port #>, type="UDP", Forward to IP address= <pc ip address>


3.2 (tested) Port Forwarding for all ports:
If you have a good firewall, you may choose to skip the 2 rules above and port forward all allowed ports, as 3 ranges.
Ooma uses ports 1194 and 49000-49999 for your telephone
Type="TCP and UDP", and Forward to IP address= <pc ip address> for all below:
range 1: ports 1 - 1193
range 2: ports 1195 - 48999
range 3: ports 50000 - 65534
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Re: Kad Network firewalled when using emule

Post by highq » Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:24 am

Using your phone number as your username here is probably a spam magnet. Consider calling Customer Service to have it changed.

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