Scout as private device with dryloop DSL

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Scout as private device with dryloop DSL

Post by Quicksprj » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:18 am

Here is my situation. I am trying to help a friend set up his hub and scout he just bought. He has dryloop dsl with qwest. He just bought a house that has a seperate apartment attached. What he wants to do is set up the hub in his part of the house and set up the scout in the apartment part and make that a private device so the tenant can use the scout as his number and my friend can use the hub as his number. I set up the hub originally with the ooma supplied splitter in the phone jack. One port of splitter went to his DSL modem/router combo and the other port went to the wall jack on the hub. Hub booted up worked just fine. I went to plug in scout in another phone jack in the apartment part but it wouldnt work. It also seemed to cause the hub not to work so I unplugged it. I read in the forums to use a L1&L2 adapter but didnt realize that was for a cable modem not DSL. I bought 2 L1&L2 adapters and lugged one into phone jack where hub originally was. I plugged line going to Modem into L1&L2 and ooma splitter into wall port on hub. Both of those lines went to the L1 and L2 ports on the adapter. I rebooted the hub and the hub light turned blue except it doesnt work. The phone attached to the hub will ring but the other end cant hear and cant make outgoing calls. You hear the ooma tone but nothing else. The scout also doesnt work being plugged into the other adapter I put on the phone jack in the apartment. I am pretty sure I have to do something with the phone lines or with the adapters to get the scout to work I just dont know what exactly to do. At my house I used to have a hub and scout now have Telo but I remeber just plugging it into another wall jack and it worked fine and I have dryloop dsl. I never made it a personal device so I am not sure what I need to do. Is there some registration for the scout that I need to do?

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Re: Scout as private device with dryloop DSL

Post by tommies » Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:09 pm

It's dry loop DSL, why do you connect the wall jack to the hub WALL port? it's for land line integration.

I assume that the DSL is on line 1, then you can use line 2 to connect the scout. Also I assume that land line is integrated with the hub. In this scenario, the phones have to connect to the PHONE port of the hub+scout; since both line 1 & line 2 are occupied.

You need two (2) line1+line2 splitters, one DSL spliter (mine come with DSL kit) and one duplex splitter (aka ooma splitter.) The DSL splitter can be easily replaced with one duplex splitter + one DSL filter(aka micro filter.)

Both L1+L2 splitter are plugged in the the wall jack where the hub+modem and the scout located. On the scout end, it's easy, just connect its WALL port to L2 jack.

The duplex splitter is plugged into the hub WALL port.

Plug the DSL filter to L1 jack, and then connect the modem to its DSL jack (no filter).

Connect the filtered jack of the DSL splitter to a jack of the duplex in the WALL port of the hub--land line integrated.

Connect the remain jack of the duplex to L2 on the wall jack; signal to the scout.

If there is trouble with the DSL signal/choppy internet, you might need an additional DSL filter, in reverse direction, ie filtering from the duplex/WALL port toward the L1/wall jack. I have no clue if those DSL filter/micro filter is filtering one way or 2 ways.

Again, it's dry loop DSL, no land line integration. Then you just drop the duplex at the WALL port and connect it directly to L2 on the wall jack, and connect the modem directly to L1 on the wall jack.

If it's feasible, a home run from the telco box to where the modem is will simplify the problem, and allows feeding the hub dial tone to line 1.

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