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#51393 by Klystron
Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:11 am
A forum search on "Uverse" didn't turn up my exact problem, and thought I'd try here before calling tech support:

I got Uverse (net & TV only), and with my new Telo plugged into one of the "local network" jacks on the 2wire RG I get a blinking red logo.

The first time I didn't follow instructions and plugged it into the powered-up RG, and with no phone attached. The second time (with a phone attached) I powered up the Telo, then the RG, and was rewarded with a flashing blue antenna icon for a bit.. but then the red logo again. Subsequent attempts didn't even get me the antenna icon. In each case I've left it alone for at least 10 minutes.

Another LAN jack is used for the TV, and I have two computers using the wireless.

Is there some bit of config I'm missing? Thanks!
#51446 by luntam
Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:04 pm
This is a repeat of what i post on another thread:

Try this directly on the Uverse gateway and see if it work or not:

1. Open up IE and enter the ip address of the uverse gateway at
2. Click on the Firewall icon on top of screen and enter in the password
3. Click on Firewall Settings
4. Click on "Add a new user-defined application"
Profile Name: Application Name: Ooma
Definition: Protocol -> tcp or udp
Port Range -> from: ___ to: ___
Protocol timeout -> leave blank
Map to Host Post: -> leave blank
Application Type -> leave blank or H.323-based Internet telephony

Put in the following definition below:

53 to 53 udp
123 to 123 udp
514 to 514 udp
1194 to 1194 udp
3386 to 3386 udp
3480 to 3480 udp
10000 to 20000 udp
53 to 53 tcp
443 to 443 tcp

5. Click on the "Back" button
6. (1) Select a computer - select ip address of your ooma telo device
7. (2) Click on Allow individual application(s)
Click on Ooma on the left hand box and then click on "Add" button
You should see Ooma under "Hosted Applications" now
8. Click on the "Done" button

Try your Ooma device and see if you have dial tone.
#52455 by paulkon
Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:56 am
Just in case anyone else new has Uverse, you should know:

* For a normal install with AT&T Uverse, if all goes well, *you likely won't have to do anything with the Firewall.* For my setup, where I have ATT Uverse, I just plugged in my Ooma Telo per the instructions in the box and after a few minutes of blinking lights, it worked great.

My sense is that the firewall instructions are for some kind of special cases.

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