OOMA and Dish $5.00 landline fee figured out

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OOMA and Dish $5.00 landline fee figured out

Post by kevcut1 » Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:51 pm

I was finally able to hook up OOMA to my Dish receiver to avoid the $5.00 landline fee. Here's how I achieved it. I have an older style regular Dual Dish receiver. I kept the DSL filter between the Dish receiver and the phone jack. On my main telephone next to my OOMA Hub I attached a telephone wire splitter (the one that came with the OOMA system) to my telephone...on the splitter I have the phone line hooked into (One end to the Hub (phone Port) and the other end in the splitter. The other port of the splitter I attached a DLS filter and attached a telephone line from the filter to the main phone wall jack. So on the main wall jack I have three wires connected to it. #1 goes to the Hub (wall) port #2 goes to my modem (line port) and #3 is attached to my phone on the splitter. This way I achieve both data and dial tone throughout the house. Dish is connected and shows caller ID on the screen.
My setup is Plain modem, no router with DSL line from Qwest coming into the residence. No land line phone connection. Hope this helps...

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Re: OOMA and Dish $5.00 landline fee figured out

Post by dlubbs » Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:03 pm

If this works for you, this is how I set my Ooma up:

1. Ran a new line from the NIB to the router for the DSL.

2. Disconnected the house wiring at the NIB

3. Plugged the "phone" jack on the back of the hub to the regular wall jack for the house wiring

4. Tested all my Dish Network receivers and all test okay, and any phone plugged in at any jack works through Ooma

This uses the entire original house wiring with Ooma and you don't need scouts or any other special connections. You can take all the DSL filters off as well since everyting runs from the hub.

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