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#45640 by Josh68
Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:15 pm
Hello. I've tried to understand my options for restoring port forwarding in my Asus wireless router running DD-WRT, and I think I'm clear that there are 2 potential methods, one being M->R->O and using the router's QoS to prioritize the Ooma, and the other being M->O->R, setting the a static (single) IP for the router in Ooma and putting that IP in Ooma's DMZ.

Well, I'm preferring to stick with the 2nd method, since the call quality is really important (and I've adjusted that in Ooma setup), but when I try this method, I still get no ports forwarded. I have 3 ports forwarded in DD-WRT to my laptop's static-lease IP, as I always have, and I actually duplicated those forwards in port range forwarding (each a single port range), just to be sure. If I pull the Ooma out of the setup, port forwarding works fine, but it doesn't work with the Ooma in there, even though my router clearly has a lease on the single IP I defined in Ooma setup, and it is also in the Ooma DMZ. Can anyone tell me why this might not be working?

[Edit] Or I suppose anyone or everyone could tell me just to go M->R->O, if I can really get good, reliable call quality that way.

#45664 by Wally01
Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:21 pm
I'm a new Ooma user and just ran into the same problem too. I was able to get port forwarding working on my M->O->R setup adding to ports to be forwarded to the Ooma itself. I'm not using DMZ but changed the DHCP Start and End to make sure the router gets the same IP every time then forwarded the ports to that IP. I've been using it this way for the last week with no noticeable slowdown or anything. I also tried the M->R->O method on my Netgear router running DD-WRT buy had some strange results when QoS was activated.

#45675 by Josh68
Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:43 pm
Thanks for the feedback. Basically, it sounds like you're using Ooma port forwarding instead of the Ooma DMZ. From what I've read and think I understand, those settings are redundant for the ports you want to forward in your wireless router. I may be all wrong about this, but I figure I need to open all ports to my router via DMZ or forward specific ports to the router, and then re-forward specific ports to my laptop, which has a static IP lease from the router. Anyone please tell me if I'm off track.

Anyway, I don't find any difference setting the DMZ in Ooma or specific port forwards to the same IP, or both, and I've also tried just letting my router pick up the enforced IP address (after setting the Ooma DHCP to begin and end with the same IP), and changing my router's WAN settings from DHCP to static, using that same IP address. In all the combinations I've tried, it looks like my few ports still aren't open all the way through the modem to my laptop.

I may yet have to switch to M->R->O, but will keep checking to see if anyone knows how to do it the other way around.

I spent my obligatory 3 hours trying to get through to and communicating with Ooma CS today, and all to no avail. I told them they need to get some documentation out - something besides the easy setup guide - and maybe set up online chatting with tech support. I can't imagine it's cost effective for them to do all of this phone CS / tech support, especially when their call center people don't seem to understand how to configure these things, anyway.

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