Totally Confused with Installation

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Totally Confused with Installation

Post by kayembee » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:24 pm

I have called customer service several times getting several different answers to the same question. My network is a DSL set up with a router, a modem and a Dell 964 all in one printer. This Dell 964 must work. I need the fax to work as well as the network printer that works with all of the computers in my home. It is critical that when I install this Ooma that everything works without a hiccup because I often work from home and my daughter is participating in an online graduate degree program. I also have a cordless phone hub in my kitchen which is on the first level of my home while my office with the network set up is on the second floor. Usually I can follow instructions with no problem, but I guess I am struggling to believe that this system set up is going to work. Yes, I will have my phone number ported as well.

I think I will need to call the phone company to let them know that I plan to keep my DSL service but it needs to be separated from the voice or dry looped as mentioned. I guess initially I need to follow step 2B to get all the system updates and then follow option 2A to continue the set up of my system. I will do this late at night when no one is on the computer and pray that I will be able to get back on the internet in the morning.

Then the next step is to connect my phone. Is this step optional or required. Do I have to connect a phone to this to get the Ooma to work? If I do, is it advisable to get a telo handset for this purpose? My cordless phone hub is in the kitchen on the first floor and all the other phones in the house are cordless extensions and not plugged into a phone jack. I also need to make sure all these extension phones continue to work. Now with regard to my DSL, I have a DSL filter that has a phone connection on one side and DSL on the other. I am assuming that I have to use this to set up my Ooma system as well. Is that a correct assumption?

OK, this is a stupid question but I am so confused that I am not sure whether or not I will have a land-line. Once my Ooma is up and running and my phone number ported I will have the phone company turn off my land-line. So is it safe to assume that I will not be using a land-line after that? I am just totally confused and want this to work and have not been convinced based on the instructions and customer service help received to date. :|

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Re: Totally Confused with Installation

Post by amoney » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:10 am

Wow, I think your worring so much that your confusing yourself. Parts of your questions, if you would stop and think for a minute you can answer yourself.

There is no need to flip between setups A/B. Setup 2B is the safe bet to try first, as it has the least impact on your network, you can simply just plug into your router and turn ON. Note if things dont work your can simply unplg everything and put back together just as you had previously and evrything will be fine. Also when you register Ooma first time, select new Ooma number, do not integrate with your landline.

Inorder to make phone calls on Ooma, "a" phone needs to be conencted to the Ooma. You can integrate the Ooma with your phone wiring (after you disconnect the landline), but that is another can of worms and I think you have enough on your plate to worry about, although it really is not that difficult, but lets keep things simple and over come one hurdle at a time.

You do not use phone filters on the Ooma box or phones connected to your Ooma box, your Ooma box is connected to your modem/router.

Your only concern that I see is your fax machine. And that you will not know if it will work untill you test with the Ooma box. By most accounts it will work but... no guarrantees. your computer and network printer should work as there should be no changes (unless your doing static IP and other port forward/advance firewall config, if you do not know these terms then your good to go and most likely do not need to worry about them).

Perhaps the most difficult thing you have to wrap your mind around is the logistics where all your equipment will have to be placed as most often the network/ooma box is not int he same location as your phone "base" and fax machine.

Put it this way (simple), your Ooma needs to be neat your modem/router, and your phone base and fax machine needs to be near your Ooma. Thare are other ways to make thing reach but you will be able to make adjustments after you understand how all is connected. Draw it on paper.

Also note that if your fax machine has auto answer, if you use the ooma voice mail system to pickup, your fax machine will not hear incoming fax's. So you have to decide how you want everything to work.

If you need further support, please sepcify the model of modem/router as well.

Hopefully I was able to clear some things up for you.
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