Telo interferring with AIM Pro IM

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Telo interferring with AIM Pro IM

Post by carlben » Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:18 am

Hello, I just installed ooma Telo between my modem and router. I have Windows XP on a Dell computer with cable high speed internet with a tested bandwidth speed of .90 MB/s upload and 5.75mb/s download. Voice quality is great. Everything appeared to be working fine, but then the following situation developed:

I do online interviews as part of my job using AIM Pro IM service. I have been doing this for years. Before installing ooma Telo, I had cable provided VOIP telephone service with no glitches whatsoever. But I am happy to save the $40 per month so I installed ooma Telo.

I did ten AIM PRO IM chat interviews this weekend (that is ten hours in the chat room), and something happened twice that has never happened before. I was not using the phone, and there were no heavy draws on bandwidth - really only the chat room AIM PRO was running. Suddenly my Buddy List on AIM PRO blinked and appeared to be losing connection with my other chatter, but it didn't. Instead I just lost the transcript, which has never happened before. Since I need to keep my transcipts, this is not acceptable.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, and what I can do to correct it? I am a little worried because my son was not home this weekend, and often when I am online chatting he is playing XBox onine or watching streaming movies from NetFlix, which was never a problem before. So now I wonder if ooma Telo is going to interfere with the performance of my job.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

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Re: Telo interferring with AIM Pro IM

Post by murphy » Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:01 am

I have no idea if the Telo was responsible for your problem.

Put the Telo behind your router with nothing connected to it's home port to see if that helps. In that location you could turn it off if the problem continues. If the problem continues with it off, it's not the Telo causing the problem.

I'm unfamiliar with AIM but isn't there a way to periodically save your conversation while it is in progress? What happens if you have a power failure 50 minutes into a chat?
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