Unix routing to Telo

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Unix routing to Telo

Post by highq » Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:52 am

I've had my Telo since just before Christmas 2009, and after a few sessions with Customer Support, find it working quite well: another week of stable performance, and I'll start the
process to ditch Verizon as my voice provider. I will keep my Verizon fax line, since I have
never had much luck with any arrangement that shared voice and fax on one POTS circuit,
and don't see any other way to easily receive, not just send, faxes.

My ethernet arrangement:

ADSL Dry Loop => Westell 2110 Modem => SCO OSR 6 Unix => Telo

My ISP provides me with a fixed IP number, which is assigned to one NIC on the server. The
server runs 'ipfilters' to enforce my firewall rules and also to provide NAT to the devices on
my LAN which use private unrouted IP numbers via a second NIC on the server. I do not run
DHCP here, so of course the Telo has been given a fixed IP number on the LAN. The Telo
has also been set to forward incoming port 80 requests on that IP number to its address.

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