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#41801 by alancommike
Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:33 pm
Has anyone else been able to add a second phone number through

A corollary question, does anyone know if customer support can add a second number?

There's a 500 error coming back from the AJAX call. Looks like the back end for this is either out of date or hasn't been implemented yet?

#41821 by amoney
Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:35 am
Same here. Tried 3 times. over three differnt weeks. Nothing happens except the number I selected no longer shows as available (the following day), HA!

I was planning to get around to calling CS later on.
#41880 by ntoy
Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:59 am

Yes, this is still a known issue & we are working on it.

In the meantime, you would need to call into support & one of our representatives would be able to assist.

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