Hub Behind the Router

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Hub Behind the Router

Post by conaanaa » Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:33 pm

I've been trying to get my ZyXEL X-550 to work with the hub in front, but all my tries with DHCP and DMZ just didn't seem to work. (I got it to the point where the router was assigned, and the DMZ set to from ooma setup, but it just didn't seem to work properly.)

Now I'm trying to install the hub behind my router. The router has QoS options, but I can't seem to get the install to work. I've searched through this forum and found some threads relating to the topic, but no solid guide on what I am supposed to do (I am not very good at computers).

What I've done is taken my ethernet from the modem and connected it to the WAN port in the ZyXEL X-550 router. From there I have an ethernet cord running from the router to the ooma hub. Then I took the ooma home port and connected with the ethernet port on my computer.

When I power cycle and try to get things running, nothing works at all - I cannot log on to or my router page, and the internet does not work at all. I read that this might be a firewall problem or a problem with the MAC addresses conflicting, so I switched the hub to use the built-in MAC Address (because earlier the automatic MAC address was the same as my router's MAC address) and tried forwarding ports on my router (I am not sure if this was what I was supposed to do). Still, nothing seemed to work and I continued to have the 1+2 buttons lit red on the hub and no connectivity to the internet.

Does anyone have any advice for a person not very good at computers? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Hub Behind the Router

Post by daet » Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:24 pm

Return your modem & router to their original configuration where you had proper internet access, i.e. cable/DSL modem connected to the Zyxel router.

Make sure that you have internet access from a computer connected to the router, and also make sure that DHCP is working, i.e. the router has assigned the computer a suitable IP address.

Connect the Hub to a power source, and connect the PC to the HOME port. Go to using a browser and make sure the following settings are present:
  • Network - Dynamic (DHCP).
    • Unless your Zyxel router doesn't assign addresses dynamically. In which case, give the Hub a static IP address that will not conflict with the IP address of any other device connected to the router. If you configure statically, make sure that you provide the correct subnet mask, the IP address of a working nameserver, and the IP address of the router as the gateway.
    Make sure the MODEM port MAC address is set to "Use Built in".

    Update your settings (i.e. save them).
Now unplug the Hub. Connect it to the router, and plug it in again. In a little while you should see that no buttons are red, and that the Tab is blue. If you do not observe this, connect a computer to the HOME port of the Hub, go to "" and post the contents of the home page and status pages here. Someone will be able to help you.

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