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#41104 by TheWGP
Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:14 pm
Just got the Telo today, along with a handset. It's updating now, but all seems to be proceeding normally.

My question is this: I have the 60-day free trial of Premier with the Telo. However, I'd like to go ahead and sign up for the 1-year to get an additional handset (for a total of 2, which is enabled with the latest firmware, I gather).

I'd like to go ahead and get "on the list" for the handset with Premier, as shipping seems to take quite awhile. (I'd get Lifetime Premier if it were still available - shame I didn't hear about Ooma until after New Year's!)

The question is - if I go ahead and do that, will it ADD ON to my Free Trial? Or will it just give me 12 months from today of Premier service? That is, does it "throw away" the 60-day free trial if I sign up just to get the free handset?

I can wait the 60 days to do the signup (assuming the handset offer still exists then) but it would be ideal not to wait for handset-placement purposes - plus if I go ahead and it "takes away" my 60 days, I'll effectively be paying $20 more for the handset (and the year of Prem, but I'm paying for that already!)

Thanks for your help in advance!

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