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#40553 by jark9332
Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:04 pm
I have set up a Telo with a DSL connection and my landline is being ported now. I have a couple of questions regarding home distribution after porting is complete.

1. Do I have to put two line splitters to distribute OOMA dial tone to the other phones through the same line that dry loop DSL signal is coming in, even if I don't have a dial tone from my land line? I searched the forum and OOMA site, but only found out that you need two line splitters if you have HUB or SCOUT, or your land line is alive. I guess my case is not either, since I have a Telo and my land line will be cut out although I'll still receive DSL signal.

2. Do I need to keep DSL filters at the other phones? If a two line splitter is required at each phone, a DSL filter is needed on top of the two line splitter?

Thanks in advance.
#40561 by tommies
Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:22 pm
1. If you want to feed telo's dial tone to your house wiring, you should not use the same wire that have DSL or still connect to telco network. It's not safe, like running your power generator to power your house without disconnected to the outside power.

You should using line 2 of your house wiring(with a Line1+Line2 splitter) and make sure that it is disconnected at the DEMARC box.

2. Any phone that plug directly to the DSL line still needs the filter as it is before
If you plug your DSL+land line into telo WALL port, a filter is needed too.

Any phone using telo's dial tone from Line 2 will not need filter.

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