Multi line connection and Port, a little help please?

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Re: Multi line connection and Port, a little help please?

Post by Groundhound » Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:14 am

tedsto wrote:Thanks for the response. About a year or two ago they instituted a 60 day return policy on electronics. I am not sure what constitutes electronics, but it appears to be cameras, Tv's, computers, but not printers or faxes.
Do you have any suggestions regarding my outgoing call problem, before I return the unit. I still have about a week to work with it.
Before offering suggestions, I'd recommend starting a new thread with the appropriate subject title referencing a problem with outgoing calls, and include in your problem description your connection & equipment setup. That way more people (including Ooma employees) who may have suggestions or fixes are likely to see it.

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