Switching from to Telo to Ooma Core (Hub + Scout)

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Switching from to Telo to Ooma Core (Hub + Scout)

Post by indierocke » Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:06 am

I recently purchased an Ooma Telo system on 12/16 and had it activated and so far everything has been great. However the way I have it setup now I have cords going everywhere connecting the modem, Telo, router, and phone. I'm moving to a new building next week that will have an electronics wiring closet of sorts that I can hookup all my stuff and keep it out of sight. My only problem is that with the Telo unless I buy the additional handset (which I hear hasn't gotten great reviews) I'd have to put my phone's base station in there as well which wouldn't work for me.

That's why I'm considering taking back the Telo and getting the Ooma Core System with the hub so I can put the hub in the closet with the modem, router, and phone jack, but still have the Scout to plug the base station to in another room, which would eliminate a lot of the visible cords and such.

I guess my questions are will Ooma let me transfer my number I got on the Telo to the Core System and what kind of fee would I have to pay to do that? Someone mentioned that you have to wait 30 days after new service to transfer... is that true?

I purchased my Telo from Best Buy with my Rewards Zone Silver Members which allows extended returns up to 45 days so that would still work for me if I had to wait 30 days to exchange in order to keep my number and such.

What are your thoughts on this, would this work?



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Re: Switching from to Telo to Ooma Core (Hub + Scout)

Post by bw1 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:47 am

If you're able to plug the scout in at another outlet, you should be able to set it up so that you can plug the phone's base station into another outlet as well. You just have to distribute the dialtone to all of your home's phone jacks. Do a search, there is a lot of info here on the forum on that.

I believe that you do have to wait 30 days after purchase to do a transfer of a hub account to the Telo. Not sure if the same applies for the other way.

The problem with doing a transfer is that you may not have the same terms of service that you would get with the Core. It may transfer your terms that are associated with the Telo to the Core. So, it may be advantageous to you to just return the Telo and purchase and activate a new Ooma Core hub and scout combo.

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Re: Switching from to Telo to Ooma Core (Hub + Scout)

Post by TechExplorer » Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:19 pm

I have had the Hub and Telo Base ,both work the same as far as hook up for standard phones,ect.
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Re: Switching from to Telo to Ooma Core (Hub + Scout)

Post by joeed2 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:19 pm

My opinion is the best deal is to return the Telo, and quickly go out and buy a Hub and Scout combo. Then activite it and buy the lifetime premier before December 31st. Or if you want to go basic, then Hub and Scout combo with basic service.

That's going to be the best bang for your buck over the long haul.

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