Opening up router ports?

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Re: Opening up router ports?

Post by Groundhound » Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:42 pm


What I suggested is a means to access setup and see the IP your router assigned to Telo's Modem port since you could not see it in your router's DHCP table. Since you doubt whether it will work I can only further suggest that you give it a try and see. Nothing needs to be connected to Telo's Home Network port for Telo to perform its function as an ATA, but if you want to get to setup (at least initially) that's the way you have to go. The Telo has it's own DHCP server that assigns IP's to devices connected to its Home Network port. That DHCP server cannot be turned off, because of that the Home Network port cannot be controlled by an upstream router. Telo's DHCP server by default assigns IP's to the Home Network port in the 172.27.35.xx range, which is different than most other home routers and usually prevents IP conflicts.

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Re: Opening up router ports?

Post by Bill D » Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:41 pm

murphy wrote:It's not optional if you want to get to the configuration screen inside of ooma.
It's not a permanent connection but it is absolutely necessary to change the ooma's configuration.
Getting to the configuration screens inside of Ooma without anything plugged into Ooma's Home port can be done by putting the same IP address into Ooma's DMZ address as is in the Ooma's Home port IP address, such as the default

You won't be able to access the configuration screens by name ( but you can access them by using the IP address that is assigned to Ooma's Modem port by the router. I access the configuration screens of two Ooma Hubs behind my router with and Of course, I had to connect to each Ooma's Home port just once to set the DMZ addresses.


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