Compatible w/Distinctive Ring & Integrated #

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Compatible w/Distinctive Ring & Integrated #

Post by dpam » Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:08 pm

I've setup my new Telo using the integrated land-line, but I have 2 verizon distinctive ring alts on that main line. So the main line rings normally, the 2nd double-rings, the 3rd triple rings. Incoming calls on #2 or #3 confuse the telo and either go right to voice mail or somehow give the caller a 'fax sound'.

Is there a setting or change to be made to allow these incoming distinctive ring numbers to work - and pass through the distinctive rings? (else there is no point in having them)

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Re: Compatible w/Distinctive Ring & Integrated #

Post by swimmer » Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:31 am

I have same setup with Main number and two distinctive ring numbers.
What was the outcome of your issue?

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Re: Compatible w/Distinctive Ring & Integrated #

Post by southsound » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:09 am

Using an integrated landline is usually a source of problems for new ooma users. I can't imagine using an integrated landline with distinctive ringing. I don't believe that ooma supports a landline configuration with distinctive rings. And it gets worse - if you want to start saving substantial dollars by doing away with the landline and porting to ooma you will have to first convert the distinctive ring numbers to actual lines (most telcos will not port a "virtual" number) and then pay the porting fee for each!

Why not do this - call support and have them issue you a new ooma number. Then, after trying it for a bit, you can add two additional numbers with distictive ring patterns. The first extra number will be free for the period of your Premier trial. The second additional number with cost $5 a month and may not be available until your Premier actually becomes a paid subscription - but you will at least be able to try ooma with the two numbers before you have to pay for Premier.

- If you have the Telo handsets (or even just one) you can be on the phone and when another call comes in, it will beep like normal call waiting - but your Telo handset (or your phone plugged into the Telo if you are not on it) will ring with the appropriate pattern. This effectively gives you a rollover (if the call is to the same number you are talking on) or a true second line - much better than a simple one-line with distinctive ring setup.

- You will be able to make or take two simultaneous calls (as described above).

- You will be able to use ALL of the features of Premier on all numbers with only a single Premier subscription (and the cost of the third number).

- You will have to change the numbers people call you on. If your main number is the important one, you could still port this for free with a paid annual Premier subscription. If that number is not the important one, I imagine that your telco could switch them around to make the important one your main number - then you could port it.
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