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#1976 by djm777777
Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:46 pm
I switched from Vonage to Ooma tonight. Well, I'm porting the number I had with Vonage so I've not totally cut ties with them yet. When installing Ooma, the only way I could get the light tab on the ooma hub to turn blue and go operational was to modify the installation. Rather than plugging "wall" into the wall, I plugged the "wall" into my existing Vonage Linksys phone adapter. But this confused me. Why should ooma require connectivity to anything other than the Internet (in this case, my Comcast Cable) to go blue? I thought ooma was Independent of other providers. Is this only happening because I'm porting a number? Once the port comes through, will I be able to disconnect from the Vonage Linksys phone adapter? In case it matters, I remember Vonage having me disconnect the wires from the phone company at the exterior of my home. Could that have affected the installation? I don't get it.
#1980 by garg11
Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:11 am
blue - it's mean your hub works in outbound and inbound calls,
You need connect your land-line to wall-socket until they(ooma-team) are porting your phone number,when they successful transfer phone # you can disconnect you vonage service and wall wire.
if it red - your HUB able to make outbound calls only.
#1985 by d street dave
Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:00 am
I had a similar problem. You probably checked the wrong box someplace on the Ooma sign up page and told it that you would have a land line connected, or that you had an existing number (which is what I did). As a Vonage customer, you need to get a new number assigned before you can hook up Ooma.

If you call customer support, they can change your configuration so that it no longer looks for a land line. After that, you can disconnect Vonage and then go to the Vonage support site to have all your calls forwarded to you Ooma temp number.

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