Ooma hub keeps rebooting.

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Ooma hub keeps rebooting.

Post by mru.patel@gmail.com » Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:41 am

So, Ooma was perfectly fine and working back in the US however, since I've brought it to India - I've been charged with some difficulties.

The first being that I managed to blow out the power "adapter" - only 120V compatible and my step down transformer did not work. So, I managed to get another one here and it seems to power up the unit just fine.

Now, the problem: the "tab" on the Ooma hub turns "Blue" and stays lit up for indefinite amount of time. However, once I connect a phone to the "phone" jack and "pick up the phone" to get a dial tone, the hub starts rebooting and if the phone is still "off the hook", the hub will finish the registration process and start rebooting once again. If I take the phone "off the phone" Ooma hub is stable again.

I'm not sure if the new power adapter has enough juice to power this up or if I'm running into some other issue. Please help!!!


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Re: Ooma hub keeps rebooting.

Post by murphy » Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:49 am

What are the output specifications for the new power adapter?

The manual for the hub lists 12 volts at 1.2 amps. The voltage rating must be correct. A higher current rating is fine but a lower one is not.

It sounds like the added power required to provide a dial tone is exceeding the power capability of your new power adapter.
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