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#35718 by tigercruise
Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:22 pm
I received an email from the Ooma team (Veronica) that my service address is not a valid address and that if it is not corrected in 5 business days, my service will be suspended. The address is a valid address as I have pointed out to support over the phone and via email. I just got off the phone with support and they tell me that they have escalated my "problem" ,which is Ooma's problem, to level 3 or 4, whatever that means. The guy I talked to was very nice but could not fix the problem. I suspect because he is in the Philippines. Apparently only the real technicians located here in the states can fix real problem.

The address that I recorded is in a resort and the roads are private roads so I suspect that's why they can't recognize the address as "valid."

If anyone on the Ooma team monitoring this board knows Veronica (that's the Ooma team member I emailed) please contact her and let her know that the address on my record is valid. All 911 calls at the resort, where the house is located, are monitored by resort police and they know where the residence is.
#35763 by sniffbert
Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:42 pm
I had the exact same problem. But first some preliminary information ... When I first registered my ooma telo system, I was not able to enter my service address (the web-based application would not accept my address). I called support and the problem was quickly resolved. The service representative was able to add my address (even though I could not). A week or two later, I received an email stating that my service address had been changed again. I didn't change it -- ooma changed it; more than that, ooma changed it from the proper address to something that was not my proper address.

I was able to manually change it back to my proper service address. Today I received an email, from Veronica, stating that ooma must have my valid service address updated within 5 business days from this email or my service will be temporarily suspended due to regulatory laws. Why did I get this email? My address was already correct! It appears an audit catches strange addresses (my "number" starts with a leading zero and also contains a letter).

I called support and was put on hold for 10 minutes while the representative talked with engineering. After waiting for confirmation that something would be done, the line dropped.

Please, ooma, allow people to use their proper service address so that e911 services may be properly deployed.
#35764 by sniffbert
Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:48 pm
I forgot to mention: I sent an email reply to Veronica, stating that my service address was correct. In response, I received a canned email response from ooma stating that they received my request to initiate the porting process. :cry:

Please ooma, don't reinitiate any porting process; I'm doing fine. I also suggest that you allow folks to respond to emails that were sent to them, without sending out canned responses. Thanks.
#35837 by tigercruise
Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:27 am
Veronica did fix my service address problem. She was great. I suspect she'll take care of yours also.

I also received the canned inaccurate email response about porting my phone number over (which I had never requested). Veronica's response was that the canned response is a glitch in their system and to just ignore it.
#35905 by sniffbert
Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:13 pm
To my pleasant surprise, I got a call from Veronica. She is passing my (strange) address to engineering so that it may be handled correctly in the future. In the meantime, she re-verified my existing service address in the database. Thanks for the callback, Veronica, that was a class-act thing to do.

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