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#34798 by kittcarr
Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:38 pm
I called Ooma support last Saturday, only day I can call with there hours. They said they would expedite my problem up to a level 1 and I would receive an email within 3 days and I have not heard from them again. Trying to reach them is not the easiest. There automated system and getting disconnected. Then they couldnt call me back either.

I have two Ooma's one has worked very well with only one strange issue since last May. The second Ooma is not working very well at all..


1) When I installed the Ooma Core and the blue light came on, I picked up the receiver and pressed the play button so I could setup voicemail. I was greeted with a very fast "HI" and dead air.. I tried again it says "you need to" very fast and dead air. I can not receive voicemails and can not setup the voice mail.

2) I am porting my home phone which has no long distance. (I understand I cant use long distance until the number is ported)But the second number issued by Ooma I cant dial long distance or answer the line. When I pick up the phone dial **1 and get the tone to dial the long distance I dial it rings once and nothing. The person I try to call it will ring once and nothing.

3) Second number incoming calls. It rings once and nothing from long distance calls.

Thing we tried to fix the problem. Unplugging and replugging in. Unplugging the power and doing a hard reset by holding the Ooma tab down when power comes on.

Things checked. connection.. holding the trash can and play button down and it going thru the series of lights.. :!:

I am very unhappy about the level of customer services provided and the hours of customer services. I live in the mountain time zone and the only time a working person can call is the weekends. I have spent 2 hours on the phone with them, spoken to 4 different people.
#34872 by kittcarr
Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:51 pm
Yes I do. I have a 3com office connect hub 3c16700 and the first ooma that works is plugged into the first port. the second port is an ethernet cable to my house which use for internet, iptv and the second ooma hub. the computer at the second house and the iptv are wireless along with a wireless printer. the only hard wire into the belkin wireless router is the ooma box. it is plugged in closest to the incoming from the ethernet cable.

I did explain this to ooma the only thing I didnt was the model number of the hub.

Do you think I need another 3com office connect hub for the ethernet cable to terminate in the house ? I read another post that i missed last weekend and am wondering if that will help. I have issues with iptv buffering and that might help also? Any ideas?
#34888 by murphy
Thu Nov 26, 2009 5:50 pm
If that "hub" is really a hub and not a switch you should replace it with a switch. A hub can only have one connection made at any given instant and is subject to collisions and retrys because of the collisions.
A switch can connect pairs of ports together and there will be no interference between the pairs.
#34900 by kittcarr
Thu Nov 26, 2009 8:21 pm
The first Ooma is working fine. It is the second one that isnt. I unplugged all of the power cords on everything and replugged them in. Tried resetting the 2nd ooma hub and still samething.

What I dont understand the voicemail problem. The only difference is the message is shorter it just says "you" it was saying "You need to"

Doesnt the ooma core have the voice mail box inside of it?

If I replace my 3com Office Connect Hub with a router, what do you guys suggest? two routers? one that piggy backs off the first? and what router is a descent one ? I will have to find the info on my cisco box to see what kind it is. It has to be compatible with that.
#34923 by murphy
Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:51 am
kittcarr wrote:Doesnt the ooma core have the voice mail box inside of it?

No, the voice mail is stored on an ooma server.

You do NOT want more than one router in your network.

If your router does not have enough LAN ports, you add a switch to increase the number of LAN ports.

If you concatanate two ooma systems you must change the IP address range that the DHCP server issues in one of them.
#34925 by bw1
Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:11 am
Yes, it is an old style hub that is obsolete: ... 0aaa04.pdf

It could very well be causing your problems.

And for others reading, when we're talking hub here, we're not talking about the Ooma Hub.

Did you try hooking up just the Ooma hub that's not working correctly and see if it works by itself?

I would also recommend replacing the hub with a 4 port or more switch. Here is the one I'm using to connect more than one Ooma: ... 6833129018

Others here: ... e=Switches
#34951 by kittcarr
Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:24 pm
Ok I will try the ooma core hub that isn't work in the first spot tomorrow.

The reason for two hubs or routers or switches would be because of location these are in two different buildings and I would be stacking hubs/routers/switches, that piggyback, because I have multiply computers/oomas/iptvs at both locations and could control the priority. I havent kept up with the exact correct terms, because it has been awhile since I have put in a network, and if it works dont mess with it. Mine has worked but I do think I need to replace the 3com office connect with something newer.

Thank you for input.

ps my voicemail works if the line is in use. it puts the call to voice mail with no greeting, that is new as of today.
#34955 by WayneDsr
Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:11 pm
To clarify:
You need a "switch" not a "hub" nor a "router".
The old hub you have plugs into your network jack and expands the amount of ports on your router (in your case, in different sections of the house). However the older hubs do not handle the traffic properly.

A Switch is like a hub and even looks like a hub, only it's electronically better. It can expand the number of ports in a router and handle the traffic properly. We recommend to replace the old hub, with a new SWITCH. These are relatively inexpensive.
Check out BW1's links above.

You do not need another router.


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