Recap of a new user problem - bridge mode

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Recap of a new user problem - bridge mode

Post by Rod » Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:49 pm


A few days ago I received the Ooma hub/scout system as a birthday present. I eagerly tore into the system, read the setup guides and went at it.

At first I thought everything was working great. Soon I realized that not all of my computers which connected to a router which connected after the Ooma hub were able to get to web sites consistently. Oddly a few sites just consistently failed.

I broke the system down to where it was only:

DSL Modem -> Ooma Hub -> Computer

I removed my router and wireless setup. This scenario too had problems where the computer could not consistently connect to certain web sites.

I phoned tech support and after being on hold for about 35 minutes (20 minutes the first attempt, and then about 15 minutes my second attempt) I had gotten what seemed like no support at all. I don't think the tech actually believed that I was having a problem even after proving it by shutting all components down and removing the Ooma Hub and then setting up my system as it was before Ooma, At that point those web sites that would not fully work were working again.

I should note that at no time was the Ooma hub not able to connect to the mother ship. I was able to make and receive calls from the Ooma, it was just computer (multiple computers) reaching specific web sites.

After no help from tech support I broke the system down into smaller pieces. It was at that time that I decided to change my DSL modem from bridge mode back to it's conventional "router / hub" aspect. After doing this and installing the Ooma hub (after reconfiguring it again not to have to do the PPPoE log in, etc) the system is working as it should.

My system is now setup as follows:

DSL modem (not in bridge mode) -> Ooma Hub -> Apple Extreme Base station (wired and wireless router) -> wired and wireless clients

(I do have the IP address of the Apple Extreme Base station configured as the DMZ host in the Ooma Hub setup -- thus the Ooma Hub is not doing any port blocking or filtering of my inbound network traffic. By having the Apple Extreme Base station behind the Ooma Hub the Ooma hub can set QoS of outbound / inbound traffic such that call quality will have priority over all other Internet traffic.)

The reason for my post is to potentially offer other new users a tid-bit about bridge mode of their modems. If you are running bridge mode and are having problems you may want to consider returning your modem back to "default" mode.

Now its off to contact Ooma support again and begin my number port.


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