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#30523 by kevinliu2336
Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:14 pm
Hi, i have a ooma hub which i have been having problems with for a while. When i first pluged in my hub the lights did the startup thing and the tab turned blue, i could make calls and could accses voice mail. But then after 12 hours or so the tab would go red and the 1 and 2 lights would come on. No dial tone or anything. But if i unpluged my unit then pluged it back in everything would be fine for a while then would go red again. This just went on repeating. My current unit is pluged into a Netgear HDX101 powerline adapter which is pluged into my Atnt cable box which is connected through homepna to my atnt uverse router/modem. I have alredy given my ooma unit DMZ status. One cause might be the fact that when i shake the ooma unit i can hear rattaling and it feels like the mother board or something has come loose but not all the way for it only rattles when it is shaken up and down. Thaks for any help you can give!
#32835 by tommies
Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:29 pm
It's possibly your connection is set t 'ON Demand', of so you need to change it to 'Alway ON'. I believe most is default to 'On demand'

You can do this in the router and/or the modem(ie uverse) setting page.

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