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#47903 by amoney
Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:48 am
suave4ever wrote:I could be wrong, but make sure you have a dsl filter on the phone jack as instructed in the setup. I believe that this may have something to do with the blue flashing light. I finally have my Ooma working! Yesterday I had ooma directly connected to the computer and modem (router not connected) without the dsl filter (didn't think I needed it despite the instructions), kept getting that blue flashing (boy was it irritating). Today, I found the dsl filter hooked it up, it started flashing blue, then the bottom row alternating flashing (i unplugged the power 2x, but it came back on the the bottom row flashing). I left it alone to go get dinner, came back and the RED light was flashing and a couple others, it took a long time to change as I hoped so eventually I had to power it off and TIGHTED my connections to the telo, connected it between my modem and router and it booted back up to all blue lights and a message! YAYYYY! I'm in business now!

Just wanted to post this just in case this might help someone. If your frustrated to where you might take Ooma back to the store like I was, you'll try anything...

BTW. Thanks to all the ppl who gave advice in this post, it helped me to look for checkpoints, possibly could be the reason that I did get this working. Ok, I'm done. Good luck! :D

Just to clarify for anyone else, the DSL filter is ONLY needed for phones connected sharing a DSL line. On that line to be more specific. Filters are to filter out the computer noise to allow the voice to pass through.

Now if someone installs the Ooma with integration with their landline, then one needs to "filter" their landline wall jack that connects to the Ooma. As the Ooma just wants to hear the landline dialtone. The phones that are connected to the Ooma do not need a filter.

Last note, your DSL modem does not need a filter. Some that use the DSL filter slpiter, only one side is filtered and that is for the phone, the modem side is unfiltered.

I even had to explain this to a 1st tier DSL support. I swear the dialup support people were more knowledgable.
#140272 by SylviaCaras
Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:31 am
The blue large circle light has been flashing for a day. I've had Ooma for several years; nothing's changed. Comcast cable. Wireless. Phone works. Internet works. TV works. I unplugged from power; Ooma rebooted, blue light still flashing. Do I need to turn off modem/router/etc and reboot all? Other suggestions? Of course I'd like to fix this, and I'd also like to know what happened.

#140288 by minwild
Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:26 pm
Holy resurrected thread Batman! Now that we go that out of the way...

Same exact issue here including being on Comcast. Router and Cable Modem have also been re-booted with no effect. Seems to work fine in every way, but the blinking sure is annoying and has to mean something. Firmware upgrade available or something like that??? For me started just after a power outage two days ago.
#140290 by minwild
Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:47 pm
My blue logo light now flashes 4 times, pauses, then repeats.
I received this answer from customer service chat:
Franz: I apologize for the inconvenience. The Dect feature of the OOMA device is already faulty. This causes the OOMA TELO device to go on pairing mode constantly (this if for paring OOMA TELO accessories). Unit is still functional though so you can still use it.

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