Local line integration not working - help!

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Re: Local line integration not working - help!

Post by niknak » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:35 am

-How does caller-id, call-waiting, voicemail etc work with the landline?
If you choose to provision the ooma to work with a landline those features would work through ooma

-Do I need to have my number ported to Ooma to then be able to get these features to work properly if I drop those features on my landline?
Yes if you want your number you have now to work through ooma, otherwise those features would work on the new number you would get from ooma

I just spoke with yet another clueless tech, who insisted that I could drop ALL my landline features and the ooma would, through the magic of the Premiere subscription, be able to determine that a local call was coming in and be able to pass caller id, call waiting, etc. I can't see how this could be possible if I don't port my number, since verizon isn't going to be sending that info across the line without someone paying for it.
You need to retain CFB (Call Forward on Busy) on the landline

So once again, just be 100% clear:
- assuming I drop to lowest tier of landline verizon service, which features do I need to retain on my landline?
Since I am using a scout-less cordless phone I am guessing I am not going to be able to use the instant 2nd line.
Correct, unless you have Premier Service and use a scout
- does this work if I don't port my number?
Yes, but for instant second line you still need Premier Service and a scout
- If I do port my number but keep my landline, does verizon just assign some random number to my landline?
Yes, they would assign a number with an exchange in the local ratecenter
I assume this would mean all incoming local calls are actually routed over the ooma network?

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Re: Local line integration not working - help!

Post by witenoize » Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:03 pm

Thanks for the quick replies. It is all becoming clear and I am almost ready to write the new FAQ ;)

So it seems like I need to bite the bullet and get my number ported. I need to decide whether to drink the kool aid and go for the premiere service since I will be paying for porting anyway...

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