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#26268 by usaooma
Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:29 pm

i bought an Ooma bundle from Costco last August 26 that was then delivered August 31. i didn't have time to set it up then until now so just activated the hub today.

during activation, it asked if i agreed with the Terms of Service. i clicked on the link but the page it took me to only displayed an error and no TOS. i went back to the activation page and agreed to the TOS without having read it because this was the time i had set aside in my schedule to work on this. got everything setup and all seems to be working.

then i started looking at the forums and saw that there are changes in TOS. where is the TOS?

is the voicemail not part of the basic service anymore? this would be a deal breaker for me since the HUB doesn't allow me to retrieve my messages from my personal answering machine because it doesn't forward the tone to trigger it.

so far everything seems to be working very well. just need to verify now that voicemail is part of the basic service.


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