2 Hubs - 4 line telephone system

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2 Hubs - 4 line telephone system

Post by tmf » Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:03 am

I run a small business with a 4 line telephone system. I installed 2 Hubs/Scouts to replace my landlines saving me approx. $5000.00 per year!

I was really surprised how easy it was to configure.

I use Hub#1/Scout#1 for my telephone Line 1/2 and Hub#2/Scout#2 for telephone line 3/4. Each hub functions as its own system + I now have 4 voicemail boxes as opposed to 1 with regular telephone service. I had to purchased a couple of 2-line into 1 phone jacks (radio shack) but that was it.

Here is how (tino at ooma helped me out - thanks btw!)

(this is without using a landline)

Hub#1/Scout#1 - installed per instructions except when installing scout connect Hub#1 "wall" to Scout#1 "wall" (since no landline is being used)

Hub#2/Scout#2 - installed Hub as normal except connected router to hub through port (since internet connection on router was going to Hub#1) Install scout same way ("wall" to "wall").

Connect lines to phone system (using 2-line to 1 phone jacks)

Turn on Hub#1/Scout#1 first - wait for it to turn blue. Once Hub#1/Scout#1 is blue then turn on Hub#2/Scout#2 - wait for it to turn blue.

You should be set!

I am amazed at Oomas service!
Call quality and additional features are amazing!
I was paying approx. $90-per month for features (caller id/remote call forward/voicemail/call waiting/busy call forward) that are free w/ ooma!
The long distance/local toll calls I am saving approx. $300 per month!

You cant lose with Ooma!

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