Busy signal on all OUT calls

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Re: Busy signal on all OUT calls

Post by noltian » Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:20 pm

noltian wrote:I have the exact same problem and OOMA couldn't solve the issue over the phone.
My ooma is not behind the router but directly connected from cable modem.

Also I have been using it for two months without this issue. Sudeently this issue occured.
Ever since you guys updated your web, I have had problem accessing my account online and now I have this problem.

Has the issue with OP been resolve? If so, how did it happen?

By the way, call quality to customer service is pretty bad with shuttering, echoing.

Joyce Bennett
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Re: Busy signal on all OUT calls

Post by Joyce Bennett » Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:41 pm

OK ... I decided to read the set-up instructions myself. It appears "Geekboy" had one of the connections wrong. The cable modem was connected to the router and the router to the MODEM on the hub. Everything else seemed to be connected properly. I have a Comcast cable modem with a Belkin Wi-Fi router. I corrected the connections and here's how I'm set up now....
1. Cable modem connected to MODEM port on ooma hub.
2. Router connected to HOME port on ooma hub with ether cable that came in package.
3. Wall jack connected to WALL port on ooma hub.
4. Phone connected to splitter and splitter connected to PHONE port on ooma hub.

That's how I read the instructions. Only problem is ... I STILL have my problem. Incoming calls are fine, but I still can't make any outgoing calls from my phone ... local or long distance. Still get the busy signal after 20+ seconds of silence when I make an out call.

Haven't gotten call from Tech. Home after 5:00pm est. If I don't hear anything by Thursday, I'll call Geek Squad again.
Thanks for listening to my sob stories!

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Re: Busy signal on all OUT calls

Post by WayneDsr » Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:50 pm

Geek Boy had it set up correctly, he used the secondary setup, you used the recommended setup. Personally I prefer Geekboy's setup, that's how I'm set up here. Either way, I think your issue is not due to your connections and I hope you do get a call from ooma shortly and all is made well. If not, report back here and let us know.


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Re: Busy signal on all OUT calls

Post by Davesworld » Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:01 pm

Actually, the way he had it connected is how most of us use our devices, either way will work and neither solve your problem.

As long as the device can connect outbound to ooma you should be fine, you would not receive any calls at all if the ooma device was not connecting too ooma's servers. Most routers do not automatically restrict outbound access, only uncommanded inbound thus protecting your network. As long as the modem port can reach the internet is what really matters.

The home port is only required to gain access to the device initially via web browser if you actually need to. That too can easily be changed.

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