Cant connect to internal server with ooma behind modem

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Re: Cant connect to internal server with ooma behind modem

Post by t4feb » Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:56 am

Put a Hawkins Broadband Booster between the modem and router. What it does is controls your packets and sends them to what ever is needed at the time. So if your game is requesting packets as well as ooma then it will take care of the problem when needed. I run 4 computers as well as a server for my web sites and don't have a problem with ooma. Just a thought for you to try.

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Re: Cant connect to internal server with ooma behind modem

Post by lohertz » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:58 am

kradoom wrote:I can't set priority by IP cuz ooma isn't pulling an IP address!
It is pulling an IP address, it wouldn't work if it wasn't, you may need to refresh to see all the clients on the LAN when on the web GUI of your router.
kradoom wrote:ok i just did the weirdest setup but it seems to be working out for me

what i did was


i dont know why this works but it works..

if I do modem->router-comptuer

i get packet lost... how strange??

I am wondering though.. if I somehow had to add a 2nd computer... and it would connect off the router... I would be getting lag still.. so this problem isn't a permanent fix ...
That makes perfect sense.
The OOMA is just an integrated device within a router pre-configured for optimal performance
Since the computer is behind the ooma, the QoS in the ooma shapes packets and traffic for best performance and adjust the prioritization.
All signs point to your original problem, your linksys router.

In fact, you could remove the linksys completely and go
modem > ooma > computer or
modem > ooma > hub/switch > computers

The ooma is not as fully featured as some routers but it essentially is a router with dhcp server, QoS, firewall, and port forwarding.

Obviously the OOMA doesn't support dynamic DNS and cannot send IP updates to a dynamic DNS service.

So if you run a server of any kind and utilize dynamic DNS then this is not the option for you. You will need a more feature laden router.

Today, most routers have built in switches so that you can connect several LAN devices to the back and wireless access points.

That just shows what features could be added to the hub later down the road.

A suggestion would be to remove your linksys and add a hub or switch and measure your performance. That could be the least cost effective method in adding more LAN devices without using the linksys router.

Now depending on your ISP, you may need additional steps in order to connect to the internet without you linksys,
If your on DSL with a PPPoE then this option may not be for you unless your modem is taken out of bridge mode and configured to pull the IP from your ISP. If your on cable then there should be no problem and you can just remove the router.

Let me know how it goes. G/L

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