Installation Help; Ooma-Scout, 2-lines; assigning numbers

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Installation Help; Ooma-Scout, 2-lines; assigning numbers

Post by pjh » Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:18 am

I just got my Ooma and Scout and plan to use it on two lines, a home line (L1) and separate home office line (L2). I managed to install the hub on the home line and it seems to be working OK; The 2nd line is in a different area (both lines come in there and currently go to a two-line phone) and I want to use the Scout only for L2. So far, I've managed to get the Scout hooked up to L1 but can't seem to get it to recognize L2.

My questions after reading through the forum searching for answers:

1. Do I have to start all over by installing the hub in the office where the two lines come in? Or can I leave the hub hooked to the home line and somehow assign the Scout to the separate office line? I've got my modem and router already set up where the home line is located in one part of the house.

2. If I have to redo the installation and move the hub into the office, can I then just connect the Scout to the home line (where the Hub is now) so it will serve as a convenient answering machine? The problem with that is I then have to find a place to put the modem and router as well.

3. How do I assign my office number to the Scout? I went into the lounge, and under preferences it shows "shared devices" with my home phone number. If I click on "assign a device," I can choose the hub or the scout, but don't see any place to put in a telephone number. I keep reading about assigning a number to these devices, and assume they're not just the random numbers you can get when you click on get a number and enter an area code (or am I wrong?)

It's not essential that I keep a 2-line phone in the office; I could just add a single phone for L2 and an extra cordless that wouldn't need a wall jack for L1.

Sorry for the long post . . . I'm just trying to get this all sorted.

Thanks for any help/advice/suggestions you can offer.

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