First Day Hub Installation / Activation problem

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Re: First Day Hub Installation / Activation problem

Post by Groundhound » Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:50 am

rustiangel wrote:To answer the questions, I did not opt to integrate an existing phone line, that message qas there since I had nothing hooked to the wall jack in order to extend to the scout yet. I did however solve my problem, I had to connect it behind my linksys router, not the system works great! I assume it was because of my Cable modem not handing out DNS servers. But it works now! now how do i setup what all ports etc, are required to setup QOS on my linksys?
Glad you got it working, take a look at this article for port forwarding info: ... 35&p=12040

For QoS, you first need to assign a static IP to the hub in your router's config. This is done by associating the static IP you want to use with the hub's IP. Once that is done you can configure your router to give the highest priority to the hub's IP.

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