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#19579 by uma-ooma-uma
Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:41 am
jimc28352 wrote:
dldugan wrote:Verizon ported the number on 8/22 and landline was dead on 8/23. Called OOMA support and only had to wait less than 10 minutes for a rep. There was a little problem with the English, but we finally were able to communicate. The call quality was terriible, fades and echoes. Not a very good advertisment for the service.

However, I guess porting is not so seemless. I was told that it would be at least the 24th before the number would be active and I should try it then.

It appears to me that OOMA already has the number as callers recieve a message that All Circuits are Busy. Verizon says this message is not coming from them.

If one expects a seemless port they may be disappointed.

I'm in the same boat since Fri morning. My ported number says its now disconnected. Hopefully Ooma will fix this Monday morning.

DITTO! Callvantage cut 9/9/09 as promised but now I only get fast busy on the ported number. AT&T did their part but now waiting for ooma. ooma csr was pleasant but the call quality is terrible. Told that the porting would be finished today and that she would call back with a status report before 6pm. Second day in porting limbo and counting...
#20213 by uma-ooma-uma
Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:26 pm
Original service cut on 9/9, line dead till now 9/14. Required two service calls both answered quickly. First promised a call back, never happened. Second promised a fix by 1pm PST and it did happen.

Now if I can get the fax to work I'll have more capability than with AT&T.
#64161 by scg
Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:53 am
My port from Verizon was successful. The date estimate was right on target and we were out of service only a couple of hours from the time my old service stopped and Ooma picked up. The Ooma notification was a bit weak though. The only message that indicated the port was successful was a changed user e-mail for my Ooma account.
#64422 by RobD
Sat Sep 11, 2010 7:20 am
Still waiting for my port from Verizon. Initiated it on 8/17 with a conditional date of 9/3, and here it is 9/11 and I'm still waiting. Verizon says there's no issues preventing the port, Ooma says to just keep waiting. I've got friends in town that ported from Verizon to Charter internet phone and it happened within a week. Yet here I am almost a month later with nobody taking responsibility for the delay.

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