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#15948 by sagrawal9
Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:59 am
I have DSL line with integrated Modem. I want to continue using existing landline and use OOMA with a new VOIP number. I do not want to integrate the existing landline with OOMA, basically keep it seperate. How do I install and cinnect the 'Wall' from HUB to phone jack, which already has signal for land line. I do not want to integrate current land line to OOMA.

tried two options
Option A.
1) Phone jack to splitter and removed the DSL filter.
2) One output of splitter to modem which finally connected to OOMA.
3) Ooma's hub 'WALL' output to splitter.
Result - the modem stops working
Option B)
1) phone jack to DSL filter
2) DSL filter's DSL jack to modem and modem to OOMA. Works fine.
3) DSL filter's Phone jack to splitter. and OOMA's wall output to splitter.
Scout will not work.

(Tested Scout by direct connection to hub and it does works).

So how do I make this connection.
#15953 by southsound
Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:15 am
What is happening is the DSL signal and the signal (HPNA) used between the hub an scout are conflicting. The solution is to keep the two signals separate. I would recommend taking a look at the wiring behind your telephone wall jacks. In most cases, you will find multiple pairs inside the cable. The white/blue pair is used for line 1 and carries your dsl and landline signal. If a white/orange pair is connected, then all you will need to do is use a two-line splitter on the cable you connect to the scout and another one where you connect the hub. The wall connection ob both the hub and scout will plug into the line 2 jack of the splitter. The splitter supplied with your ooma system will NOT work in this situation. Another way of doing this is to use wall plates that have two separate jacks. The white/blue pair goes to the first jack and the white/orange to the second jack for the hub or scout. You will not need any microfilters on the cables that go to the hub and scout wall connections.

And welcome to ooma! If you have more questions, fire away! :cool:

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