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#14627 by OomaGrahamBell09
Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:55 pm
Hello everyone. Its nice to see so many helpful people here on the forums. My question for today is..

I have "naked" DSL meaning i have DSL only on my phone line. My Ooma hub and NetGear router/modem/wireless combo are working perfectly. However when i attempt to connect my WALL port on my Ooma hub to the telephone jack in the wall plate of my home using the Ooma splitter so i can activate the Scout as per the Ooma install manual, my router goes ballistic and i lose my internet connection and Ooma connection as well. When i disconnect the WALL connection again from the Ooma hub, the internet connection returns as well as the Ooma service. It appears the WALL connection causes some kind of interference preventing a successful connection with the net and Ooma service, not to mention a failed attempt at communicating with the Scout. I attempted to install a DSL inline filter on the Ooma splitter leading to the WALL connection on the hub but it made no difference.

I did remember someone mentioning that something may need to be done on the outside of the house at the phone network interface box? Something about the backfeed back into the network and some wires to be disconnected? I am confused about that one and was hoping a few of you would be so kind as to helping me figure out the next step here.

I currently have my Motorola 5.8 GHZ Digital phones hooked up and no wireless interference thank God so it looks like this new NetGear N is a good product...much better than the crappy ActionTec from Verizon it replaced. I want to use my Scout for a corded phone i have because i prefer to use that for important calls as its a bit more secure. Looking forward to your replies and thanks again everyone for your time and your help. Hope your enjoying your service!
#14629 by southsound
Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:10 pm
First off, welcome to ooma and to the forum - and thank you for the kind words about the forum members.

The problem is just as you identified. The hub and scout communicate using HPNA. Over voice only lines it can coexist nicely but it really messes with DSL. If you house has been built in the last 20 or 30 years you most likely have multiple pairs in your phone cabling. The "quad" red, green, yellow, black was replaced with CAT 3 or CAT 5 wire that has several twisted pairs inside the jacket. Line 1 is white/blue blue/white. Line 2 is white/orange orange/white. The green and brown pairs are line 3 and 4. Some homes connect the first two pairs while others only the first. The thing you want to do is move the hub/scout communication off of the pair used for DSL and on to a spare pair. Several ways to do this - you can either connect up the second pair at the jacks where the hub and scout are located and use a "2-line splitter" to bring the two lines out to separate jacks or you can use wall plates with 2 jacks and wire the second jack with the white/orange orange/white pair. This completely isolates the DSL and HPNA signals and will restore functionality. The only caveat is that some installers use a "star" topology where each jack is a home run to the network interface box. If the white/orange orange/white pairs are just hanging loose in the interface box you will need to connect the similar colors. White/orange to white/orange and orange/white to orange/white. You can either insulate the connection with tape or I like the scotchloc connectors or beanies you can get at an electrical supply store.

Additional questions, feel free to ask!
#14866 by OomaGrahamBell09
Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:42 pm
Thank you very much for the detailed explaination! I will study it and attempt to make the necessary changes. I just had Verizon out today after 7 calls to India to convince them i had a bad line outside at the pole which did not help matters either. They confirmed a damaged line on the pole thanks to a squirrel! He came out and cleaned up the mess in my telephone network interface box as well. i will attempt to use the Scout after the cleanup and maybe i will get lucky but if not its out to the box to try the wiring fix. Thanks again for your help and have a great day!

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