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#13301 by kntnova
Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:19 am
I have Premier Oomla and I want to config my hub and scout like following:
**Incoming call:
-Fist line/number for home use. Any incoming call this line will ring oomla hub.

- Second line/number for my homeoffice use which any incoming call in this line will ring only phone hook to scout.

**Outgoing call:
- When pick up the home phone, it automatically use first line.
- When pickup the home office phone, it automatically use second line.

Fist line and second line have different voice mail greating and mail box.

To do that. On ooma lounge, I add my scout. System asked me to put the serial number. Then I moved my second number from shared device to scout. After three minute for system update. I called my second number with my cell phone for test but what ever number I called, first or second number, both phone on hub and scout were ringing.

So the question is , how to config ooma to it ring separatly phone on hub and scout.
#13302 by WayneDsr
Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:46 am
It sounds like you did everything right. I would unplug the power from the ooma hub, wait a minute then plug the power back in. The oomla hub may not be getting the update from the lounge.

#13325 by kntnova
Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:49 pm
I have two phone number, one is home phone which hook up to ooma hub, and other is home office which hook up to ooma scout.

I got the call ringing to my home phone. My wife answer the call by the phone which hook to ooma hub. I pick up office phone which hook to ooma scout and make a outgoing call. I thought ooma will use the home office number (2nd number) so I dial directly customer number.

That really funny that the number show up to at customer phone is still my home phone (but not office phone). Why ?

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