Wireless network lost after ooma installation

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Re: Wireless network lost after ooma installation

Post by rjcourtney » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:39 pm

Thank you, Thank you, thank you! I installed Ooma last night and made two perfect calls then had to step away for about 15 mins. When I returned my wireless connection had dropped and the Ooma logo had turned red. I worked for several hours trying to get back on line but to no avail. I was certain that it was the firewall in my Cradlepoint router and was setting on the phone waiting on their tech to pick up when I did a search and came across this discussion so I hung up and got a hard wire phone plugged it in and shazam! It worked! I've made numerous calls this evening, including the Cradlepoint tech to let them know they could close out the ticket as well as the resolution and it has worked perfect each time. Had I not read your post I would still be fumbling around trying to fix the firewall. What is truly amazing is I am using my Verizon air card for connectivity adn I can kiss my copper line good bye! :D

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