Hub and Scout

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Hub and Scout

Post by snow02 » Sat May 23, 2009 8:51 am

Just an FYI and alternate installation option. In order to use all wired phones in my house I had previously (former callvantage user) wired all my "wall" jacks into "phone" jacks so that any wired phone can work with ooma. This means the scout will not work for me. However, I have decided to power all my phone jacks with the scout using the phone connector. This way I can keep the hub in the basement (with all it's wired connections) and hang the scout near the phone most used and most convenient for voice mail. Although I like the way the hub looks, it's tough to manage all the connections. It would be nice to have a way to hide all those wires. with the scout I only need 3 wires (power, wall (connected directly to the hub), and phone (which is connected to every phone jack in my house).

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Re: Hub and Scout

Post by Groundhound » Sat May 23, 2009 9:53 am

All the wires associated with the hub were a bit much for my wife to bear, so ours is hidden away as well - under the bed with the modem, router and associated snake's nest of wires and glowing lights - all well hidden by the "dust ruffle" (except the glow).
I've got the hub's phone connection hooked up to house line 1 of my house wiring while the hub wall connection is hooked up to house line 2. I've got one scout in my office on house line 2 with my second number assigned to it and my office fax machine hooked up to house line 1 (although I've not tested the fax yet). Also hooked up to house line 1 downstairs is my DirecTV DVR so it can display caller ID on the TV (works well). I plan to put a second unassigned scout on house line 2 on the first floor to make checking voicemail more convenient. So to summarize, house line 1 is the hub's phone network while house line 2 is the scout network.

Update on fax test: I was able to send and receive by setting fax speed to 9600 and ECM to off, and using *99P as a dialing prefix (P=pause). Using HP's test (my fax is a Canon) at: ... =4965&dlc=

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