Factory Reset?

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Factory Reset?

Post by paulb787 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:02 am

can someone please tell me how I can factory reset my telo? I just got it a week ago I know there are different versions?


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Re: Factory Reset?

Post by lbmofo » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:26 am

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Re: Factory Reset?

Post by thunderbird » Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:28 am

Factory Reset Ooma Telo - Old Alternate Manual Procedure
1. Remove power from the Ooma Telo.
2. Repower the Ooma Telo.
3. Line 1 & Line 2 lights come on.
4. Line 1 & Line 2 lights go out and the Trash and Envelope lights come on for a very short period of time.
5. The Trash & Envelope lights go out and the bottom row (runway lights) starts scanning to the right. (sequence above may be slightly different with later firmware versions)
6. When the scanning stops, the Ooma symbol will began flashing Red.
7. Press the Trash button, then the bottom row Stop button (small square button).
8. Hold both the Trash and Stop buttons pressed until told to release.
9. The Ooma symbol will alternately blink Red and Blue.
10. The Ooma symbol will turn solid Red.
11. Release the Stop and Trash buttons.
12. Wait for a short period of time. The Ooma Telo will cycle back into a reboot.
13. After a successful Factory Reset, all Ooma Setup settings will be Factory.

If you are using an Ooma Wi-Fi dongle, you have to access Ooma Setup and rescan for the Wi-Fi network before a Wi-Fi connection can be made. The same is true for DSL, if you have to enter Connection type PPoE and a Name and Password for the Internet provider connection. You may want to reset MAC address to Use Built In, reset your Quality of Service Upstream/Downstream Internet Speed settings, and Bluetooth settings if you are using Ooma’s USB Bluetooth dongle. Ooma Telo handsets will have to be re-registered.

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Re: Factory Reset?

Post by Barnacle » Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:47 pm

When the center logo starts flashing red, which has been happening more frequently, I find that rebooting the modem/router and the Ooma can help. I use CenturyLink with an Actiontec C1000A modem/router.

1. Pull power cord and thin black phone cable from back of Ooma.

2. Connect an ethernet cable between your computer and any yellow port on the back of the modem.

3. Open a browser window and enter the modem GUI address. (All the relevant addresses and passwords can be found on the bottom of the modem, unless you have changed them.)

4. Enter user and password.

6. Find the reboot option. For me, it's under "Utilities."

7. Select "Reboot" and follow instructions.

8. After the reboot is complete, plug in the thin black phone cable and then the power cord on the back of the Ooma.

9. The blue lights will come on one by one. After the bottom row of "runway lights" is done flashing, the center logo will start flashing red.

10. Simultaneously press the trash can icon and the square "stop" icon. Hold until the center logo is a steady red, about 10 seconds.

11. The Ooma will cycle through its reboot and all lights should eventually turn blue. Give it a couple of minutes.

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